Luís Macedo Pinto DE SOUSA

Luís got his Ph.D. in Political and Social Sciences at the European University Institute, Italy in 2002. He is currently Professor at Aveiro University, Portugal and Edmond J. Safra Network Fellow at Harvard University. He is also co-editor of EPS: European Political Science. He is coordinator of ANCORAGE-NET, a research network on anticorruption agencies ( and Chairman of Transparência e Integridade, Associação Cívica (TIAC), Transparency International’s contact point for Portugal. He is also Local Research Correspondent on Corruption for the European Commission and acts as a consultant to various international governmental and non-governmental organizations on corruption control and political financing issues. His current research interests focus on corruption and corruption control studies, the politics of ethics reforms, regional integration (institutions and policies), cross-border relations, international organizations and comparative politics in general.