Bogdan Mihai RADU

Bogdan is a Romanian political scientist specialized in international relations with a focus on the study of public opinion in new democracies of East Central Europe. More specifically, he has been exploring the ways in which political culture influences the views citizens hold towards foreign policy, the international system and international development. He was awarded a doctoral degree in political science by the University of California, Irvine, and an MA by the University of Manchester. He currently teaches classes on international relations and comparative politics as Senior Lecturer in Political Science at the Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, Babeş-Bolyai University (Cluj, Romania) and is visiting researcher at the Center for EU Enlargement Studies (CENS) at the Central European University (Budapest, Hungary). In his most recent research projects, funded by the Romanian Ministry of Education, he studied through the analysis of large quantitative and qualitative data sets the effects of core democratic values on support for international development in the post-communist countries of the European Union. His recent publications and research grants explore the mechanisms through which people form their attitudes towards foreign policy, a field in which public opinion has been receiving increasing attention.