Participation of the Centre for International Cooperation and Development Studies at
SCOPE: Science of politics 
International Interdisciplinary Conference of Political Research

An event organized by the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Bucharest (FSPUB), SCOPE: Science of politics - Interdisciplinary Conference of Political Research is an annual joint session of international workshops aimed at offering a space for academic exchanges on timely political research topics, as well as on the latest advancements within the discipline and the profession(s) of political science.

The Centre for International Cooperation and Development Studies (IDC) has been present through its members and institutionally at SCOPE 
since its first edition (2014). 

2015 (2nd edition)
Bucharest, 8-9 May 

IDC section
The section aims to explore different representations of democracy, governance and identity shape the public space and impact the private sphere, and how such representations and their interaction construct a global social agenda. For this purpose and acknowledging that the distinction domestic politics / international politics has become increasingly artificial for both practical and theoretical goals, it proposes the following sub-sections that build on various traditions of political research, including bot not limited to comparative politics, political sociology, political history, international relations, international political economy, development studies, and peace studies:
The call for papers for the entire section can be read here.

Co-organized sections and other events

2014 (1st edition)
Bucharest, 27-29 June 

IDC panels
See full programme.