Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) Romania

ASAP Romania continues the work of ASAP International in trying to bridge theorists and practitioners focused on poverty issues. Thus, it intends to develop a local network of experts that can further become a leading voice in regional development, as Eastern European countries share common pasts, practices and problems. Besides contributing to ASAP International projects, our plan is to build partnerships with organizations focused on poverty and international development issues and to develop projects tackling local and regional poverty. Another part of our work is represented by participating to national conferences, workshops and debates related to the post-2015 development agenda. One of our main ambitions is to encourage and advocate the adoption of a multidimensional poverty indicator able to highlight gender-based and intra-household poverty gaps in Romania. Also, ASAP Romania aims to help young experts and students to build expertise in the field through internships and volunteer work.

IDC supported and co-organized the official launch of ASAP Romania and continues to offer logistical assistance to the chapter.