Countries in focus


Familiarize the students with the political, economic and social development of various countries around the globe.


Apart from the specialized courses on the political systems of traditional powers such as US, UK, France, Germany and Russia, as well as the various courses on Romania, students have rarely the opportunity to study in-depth the political, social and economic realities of other countries. At the same time, by their nature, the courses on large regional units, such as Europe, Latin America, Africa or the Middle East, which are traditionally taught in Romania, cannot provide the depth required for understanding the complex reality of another country. Furthermore, non traditional powers, mid-range and small(er) states are less visible, although they represent the majority of actors within international politics. The project “Countries in focus” aims to cover this gap, while raising awareness and stimulating curiosity about other states, as well as on other topics relevant for the global agenda which may be illustrated by examples from the presented countries.


Specialized non-credit courses on the political, economic and social history, political institutions, popular culture and current affairs of a country.

Type of activities

Academic lectures, discussion seminars, film projections, guest lectures from the country in focus (including but not limited to scholars and diplomats).


Undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Bucharest, open to the public (within the limits of available seats)